I started writing songs to feel like I was a part of something.  I remember inserting a blank cassette into this super modern and cool radio/tape deck to record my favourite songs when they came on but almost like clockwork I’d fall asleep before I could tape them.  It was such a peaceful and comforting way to say goodbye to the day and it’s why I love writing songs so much.  It’s a space where I feel comfortable, being uncomfortable.
I believe a song should do more for us than just tickle our ears.  It should sweep in and hold us when we need it, it should show us there’s a better way to live, it should help us accept ourselves and realise that the world we live in might feel like it’s changing without us but, somewhere out there, there is someone who feels just like us.
So I’m trying to write those songs.  The songs that will fan the flame when it feels like it’s burning low or reignite it if it’s gone out.  These songs are written in my small dining room, usually late at night once the house has gone to bed.  There’s a meagre disorganised recording set up in the dining room where I record what’s worth recording.  Mostly the tracks are kept and the sent to a producer to help me finish them off and make sure that you’re only getting the best of what I’ve created.  Every song I release means something, it came from an experience or from something I’ve seen.  Like Dirty Rain which I wrote about a couple I saw arguing on the train home from the city on a winters night in Melbourne when the rain was crashing into the windows.
If you like this kind of thing I have a newsletter I send out twice a week where we talk about life, hope, love and this great adventure where on.  Hop on over to ajsteelmusic.com I’d love to know what’s going in your life.  Life as in music is better when it’s shared.  I hope to see you there.