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Life is colour, life is black and white.  Life is late nights, life is a hangover.  Life is friendship, love is love that shouldn’t be but is, life is singing out loud, life is a loud electric guitar, life is disappointment and the exhilaration of rising up and beating the odds.  Life is music, life is art, life is a conversation.  Life is yours, life is mine, life is ours to live, to be calm to be wild, to be anything we want it to be.  

Heart on Fire (Draft lyric ideas) 

Heart on Fire 

A.J. Steel 2019 



We live in houses on these quiet streets

You don’t see it unless you go deep 

But there’s madness 

Yeah there’s madness 



Some of us have what they say are crazy dreams 

They’re hard to follow with no belief 

It sends you crazy 

It sends you crazy 



But you’re like a fire 

You make me reach higher 

I don’t know what I’d do 

Without you 


Chorus B

Cause you set this heart on fire 

This heart on fire 

You’re the flame 

That sets this heart on fire 



There’s a river that cuts through this town 

Where some of us just want to get out 

I need this now 

I need this now 



‘Cause you’re like a fire 

You make me reach higher 

I don’t know what I’d do 

Without you 


Chorus B

Cause you set this heart on fire 

This heart on fire 

You’re the flame 

That sets this heart on fire

To bold to care  


To care what a stranger thinks 

Is a dangerous thing 

Baby don’t give them the best of you 

When they get their hands on you 

They won’t let go.  

Baby let’s set this life on fire 

Let’s runaway and build a life 

That takes us higher

You know when you know  

Stars exploded in the black sky, 

There were a million different colours  

which flashed before our eyes. 


As we walked along the beach,  

The sea was cool and calm, 

I held your soft hand and knew, 

This is where I’m meant to be.

Glass tower 

There’s a murmur outside, 

It’s the sound of the world passing by. 

Safe and sound in our glass tower, 

The world can’t reach us.   

I used to dream of silver and gold, 

Now all I want, is to lay here close to you.

Why are you so serious.  

Why are you so serious? 

The moon wants to rain light down over you, 

But you do your best,  

to live inside the black shadows. 

Your heart rages like an angry sun, 

Don’t you think it’s time for some fun? 

Oh baby can’t you see, 

You can go be anything, 

That you want to be. 


We danced beneath the setting sun 

And felt the release of the day.

We talked until we ran out of words 

We prayed it would always be this way.

But fire and rain don’t see things the same,  

And the world where in won’t let it be that way,  

Baby we can leave this place,  

Baby, we can runaway.

Fires and liars.  

Desire is a drug 

It blurs the space between the moments 

Danger is the fire 

That you light to hide feeling like a liar 

Be good to me  

I’ll be good to you  

But facing up to what you don’t want to see  

Is the only way to set yourself free. 

Learning to love what I see.  

It’s time to own my face  

It’s time to like these blue eyes starring back at me from the other side of this mirror  

To love the blood that courses through my veins  

Baby I believe in us.  

Baby I believe in you 

Baby I need to know you believe in me? 

Baby I want to crack this would in half  

Extract all that’s wrong 

Together we can build a world where  

love and humility are the only decrees  

Baby I want build a world that’s right for you  

Baby I need a world that feels right to me.

Dare to be yourself.  

I’m trying to be myself  

Baby it’s harder than you think  

I wrestle with these demons inside 

Maybe that’s why I love the night  

I scared of their arrows 

When they’re coming straight for me  

But I’m more scared of dying  

Dying like a man afraid of the light.  

We may not be young anymore  

But we have to believe  

There’s still blank pages yet to write  

We have to believe there’s still magic in the night


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