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We danced beneath the setting sun 

And felt the release of the day.

We talked until we ran out of words 

We prayed it would always be this way.

But fire and rain don’t see things the same,  

And the world where in won’t let it be that way,  

Baby we can leave this place,  

Baby, we can runaway.

Fires and liars.  

Desire is a drug 

It blurs the space between the moments 

Danger is the fire 

That you light to hide feeling like a liar 

Be good to me  

I’ll be good to you  

But facing up to what you don’t want to see  

Is the only way to set yourself free. 

Learning to love what I see.  

It’s time to own my face  

It’s time to like these blue eyes starring back at me from the other side of this mirror  

To love the blood that courses through my veins  

Baby I believe in us.  

Baby I believe in you 

Baby I need to know you believe in me? 

Baby I want to crack this would in half  

Extract all that’s wrong 

Together we can build a world where  

love and humility are the only decrees  

Baby I want build a world that’s right for you  

Baby I need a world that feels right to me.

Dare to be yourself.  

I’m trying to be myself  

Baby it’s harder than you think  

I wrestle with these demons inside 

Maybe that’s why I love the night  

I scared of their arrows 

When they’re coming straight for me  

But I’m more scared of dying  

Dying like a man afraid of the light.  

We may not be young anymore  

But we have to believe  

There’s still blank pages yet to write  

We have to believe there’s still magic in the night

A time of reflection. 

The end of the year is a time for reflection, I actually think I should reflect weekly and in 2019 perhaps that could be a good thing for me. 

Reflection gives us the opportunity to see ourselves as we don't normally see ourselves.  We can see the things that went well and the things that could have gone better and I think they're both equally important. 

Balance is everything, but, it's one of those easy to say, hard to do things.  Just like the earth needs to maintain the same orbit around the sun to sustain life, we need to maintain some type of balance to sustain ourselves.  Did you know if the sun moves just 1 degree of its axis we'll either freeze or burn? 

I'm writing this because I've been thinking about my purpose as an artist.  Why do I write music? Why do you do the things that make you happy, that bring you fulfillment? What are they? Maybe you've found them and maybe you haven't, but reflection gives us the opportunity to examine these feelings.

I began writing because I needed to let these feelings out.  I began writing because I wanted to connect with people, with you, on a deeper level than the usual 'Hey,how you going' type conversations.  We are more than this, we are deeper than this.  These are the conversations I like to have.  They're the conversations that mean the most. 

Trust is important, we're not going to share our deepest feelings with a stranger, but sometimes we don't even share these feelings with those closest to us. 

So, I feel the job of an artist, as I see it, is to leap of the edge and take that emotional risk.  To expose what we would rather wasn't exposed.  Art should illuminate all that is good in us and all that can be better.  It should challenge, it should inspire and maybe even make us feel a little uncomfortable.

Rest, reflect adapt.

Doing what needs to be done 

Have you experienced a feeling like you should really be doing something but something inside you says, I’m just not up for it right now?  Maybe it’s that run you said you were going to do or maybe you just need to clean the house, but it feels like such a chore, and, it’ll probably just end up messy by the end of week anyway.  

But, doing the thing you don’t want to do but know you should is always the right thing to do.   

I have this song I’m quite keen on and it was time to do the vocal, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  My head was working against me. Have you experienced that feeling?  I did it anyway and I’m glad I did.  The song is now one step closer to being done.  You also feel better for just getting on with it.  Sometimes thinking about it isn’t the answer.  

Has there been something you’ve put off recently?  I’m working on the idea of  just getting on with it.


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Beautiful - Lyric Video 

I’d like to introduce the lyric video for my new song Beautiful. 

You get banged up along the way. The tenderness of your heart leaves it open to being wounded. 

You cover your flame, hide your feelings and thoughts under distractions, maybe you even bury you true desires under misguided ambition, chasing outcomes that might not truly align with who you are. 

You could be talked over and feel like you’re never heard, or that the point of view you’re trying to express isn’t relevant or maybe you’re just made to feel small because it lets them feel big. 

Maybe you hide in the shadows where it’s comfortable and safe and it is, but it’s only comfortable until it’s not comfortable anymore. 

There comes a time when you can’t avoid yourself  anymore. You can’t hide behind the grind of keeping a job, being someone to someone, paying bills, success, making money and planning the next holiday before you’ve finished the one you’re already on. 

Perhaps what we need to do is move towards the flame rather than away, as scary as it might be. 

Don’t bury your colours, you’re like no other. 

Beautiful is out now. I hope you enjoy the video. 

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Just put something down 

Staring at a blank sheet of paper can be daunting.  It’s actually paralysing sometimes.  You can look and look and not write anything because you keep blocking your thoughts.  It’s probably the fear that maybe the what you’re about to write is not what the world wants to hear, or may they’ll flame you for speaking up, maybe you’ll look like a fool and feel embarrassed. 

Something happens when you just begin to write, or draw, or type.  The layers of protection you’ve wrapped around yourself begin to crumble and peel away like paint of a wall, falling at your feet as revealing your true colour, the real you begins to emerge.  

You can take your time, but sometimes it’s better to just rip off the band aid and get right to it.  If you wait for the right moment you’ll probably never start.  How many songs could’ve been written but never were? How many paintings could’ve been painted , but never were?  

Maybe the best way to avoid that paralysing feeling is to just make a start.  Steve Prescott describes this feeling of inertia in his book The War of Art.  

As important as it to start, it’s probably also equally as important to finish.  I don’t know if there’s much to be gained by starting something and then not finishing it.  How can we claim progress if we don’t finish what we started.  

Just start whatever it is you’ve been putting off, but make sure you finish it too.  I’ve got a few songs that need to be completed.  Shall we make a deal? 

When space is all you really need  

Sometimes you’re just busy.  Maybe you want to be busy because then you don’t need to think about the thing you really want that you haven’t done. That thing you keep saying you’ll do but never do.   

Do you feel some kind of invisible block between you and you dream?  It’s like every time you try and think of the next move you mind goes blank.  Maybe it’s fear.  Fear of success, fear of failure or fear of what other people may think of you.  Maybe even fear that you’ve been kidding yourself all these years and now it’s time to own up to it and begin to take some serious action.   

It can be hard to see this when you’ve buried yourself under a mountain of tasks which are most likely not aligned with your end goal.  Maybe what you need is to put some space between you and these tasks so you can see the lay of the land and give yourself a chance to make a change.   

It could be a few days in a different part of the country or even the world.  It could just be disconnecting from technology to listen to your heart and then muster the courage to follow it.  There’s a million distractions, from aimlessly surfing social media to trying out new online business or continually reading self help books.   

It’s only when the rubber meets the road that we’re ever going to feel like we are making progress.  Space can be the thing we need to realign ourselves with what we really want, if we can muster the courage to fully commit. 

Art - the antidote to being too busy 

Art - the antidote to a being over busy  

Do you feel like you’re so busy that you end up being busy almost just because busy is what we do these days? 

You’ve probably got a job or a way of making money, we all need that, but maybe as it seems to be for most of the population you probably wouldn’t do it if you didn’t have to.  If you had the chance, you’d do something completely different.  If you’ve got a side hustle and a family you’re probably so busy you’ve lost sight of what it is you’re actually hoping to achieve from all this busyness.   

Art, although not everyone’s cup of tea has the ability to stop us from continuing to turn the wheel and see our life from a different view.  We’re challenged to find a meaning in the art work and through that challenge we can get the opportunity to view our world from a different angle and find that our purpose has been buried under being busy.   

Art can be a challenge.  But maybe it’s the challenge we need to reassess how we’re spending these precious days, which will at some point come to an end. 


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