A time of reflection.

The end of the year is a time for reflection, I actually think I should reflect weekly and in 2019 perhaps that could be a good thing for me. 

Reflection gives us the opportunity to see ourselves as we don't normally see ourselves.  We can see the things that went well and the things that could have gone better and I think they're both equally important. 

Balance is everything, but, it's one of those easy to say, hard to do things.  Just like the earth needs to maintain the same orbit around the sun to sustain life, we need to maintain some type of balance to sustain ourselves.  Did you know if the sun moves just 1 degree of its axis we'll either freeze or burn? 

I'm writing this because I've been thinking about my purpose as an artist.  Why do I write music? Why do you do the things that make you happy, that bring you fulfillment? What are they? Maybe you've found them and maybe you haven't, but reflection gives us the opportunity to examine these feelings.

I began writing because I needed to let these feelings out.  I began writing because I wanted to connect with people, with you, on a deeper level than the usual 'Hey,how you going' type conversations.  We are more than this, we are deeper than this.  These are the conversations I like to have.  They're the conversations that mean the most. 

Trust is important, we're not going to share our deepest feelings with a stranger, but sometimes we don't even share these feelings with those closest to us. 

So, I feel the job of an artist, as I see it, is to leap of the edge and take that emotional risk.  To expose what we would rather wasn't exposed.  Art should illuminate all that is good in us and all that can be better.  It should challenge, it should inspire and maybe even make us feel a little uncomfortable.

Rest, reflect adapt.

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