Art - the antidote to being too busy

Art - the antidote to a being over busy  

Do you feel like you’re so busy that you end up being busy almost just because busy is what we do these days? 

You’ve probably got a job or a way of making money, we all need that, but maybe as it seems to be for most of the population you probably wouldn’t do it if you didn’t have to.  If you had the chance, you’d do something completely different.  If you’ve got a side hustle and a family you’re probably so busy you’ve lost sight of what it is you’re actually hoping to achieve from all this busyness.   

Art, although not everyone’s cup of tea has the ability to stop us from continuing to turn the wheel and see our life from a different view.  We’re challenged to find a meaning in the art work and through that challenge we can get the opportunity to view our world from a different angle and find that our purpose has been buried under being busy.   

Art can be a challenge.  But maybe it’s the challenge we need to reassess how we’re spending these precious days, which will at some point come to an end. 

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