Beautiful - Lyric Video

I’d like to introduce the lyric video for my new song Beautiful. 

You get banged up along the way. The tenderness of your heart leaves it open to being wounded. 

You cover your flame, hide your feelings and thoughts under distractions, maybe you even bury you true desires under misguided ambition, chasing outcomes that might not truly align with who you are. 

You could be talked over and feel like you’re never heard, or that the point of view you’re trying to express isn’t relevant or maybe you’re just made to feel small because it lets them feel big. 

Maybe you hide in the shadows where it’s comfortable and safe and it is, but it’s only comfortable until it’s not comfortable anymore. 

There comes a time when you can’t avoid yourself  anymore. You can’t hide behind the grind of keeping a job, being someone to someone, paying bills, success, making money and planning the next holiday before you’ve finished the one you’re already on. 

Perhaps what we need to do is move towards the flame rather than away, as scary as it might be. 

Don’t bury your colours, you’re like no other. 

Beautiful is out now. I hope you enjoy the video. 

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