Free highs and no one gets hurt.

We’re in a world where social media is the new keeping up with the Jones’s.  We see people with amazing bodies, that maybe we wish we had, laying all over expensive sports cars, parading diamond encrusted watches and holidaying in what seems to be the world’s most luxurious resorts. 

The pressure to not buy in is pretty high, but in searching for a high it’s easy to be convinced that these things will be our magic elixir.  

The high you feel when you buy that car, or go on that holiday and post it on social media sends signals to through the social media galaxy that you’re on the move, the move up.  Out with the old you and in with the new.  Is this the high you’re really searching for though?  Is it a high that lasts longer than the time it takes to swipe your credit card to purchase those $400 dollar shoes you don’t need or that leather jacket you want so you can really make a statement. 

There is another high.  It’s an inexpensive high that contributes more than just boosting the profits of that global fashion chain.  It’s called kindness. 

Have you been pounding down the pavement in your town, your mind racing as you contemplate the next 5 things to do so you can keep the forward momentum going, when you almost knock over a bewildered stranger trying to find their way around.  

Normally you’d be head down and you’d keep moving but for some reason you stop.  Maybe because your eyes connected and you knew you were cornered with no way out.  Let’s be honest, it’s hard to say no to helping someone when they’re looking right at you, we have this deep innate sense to be helpful to each other, even though we may keep it buried under jobs and commitments.  

So you stop and they show you they’re phone.  They’re looking for directions.  You take a look and you instantly know where they’re going.  You give them the best way to get there, wish them well and you both part ways. 

Suddenly your heart begins bloom and you can’t stop smiling.  You feel good, really good.  Actually, better than you’ve ever felt.  You feel light and you can feel the stress running out of your body.  The shoes your bought are nice but for some reason they don’t seem to matter as much. 

When you think about it, you feel good because you’ve helped someone.  You helped them because you are innately kind.  We are innately kind and the high we get from being kind is hard to beat.  It feeds our spirit and in part reaffirms our reason for existing, more so than an expensive dinner or car could ever do. 

We should take the opportunity to be kind whenever it’s presented to us.  This is the high we’ve been searching for, this is the high that lasts and leaves a positive imprint not only on us, but also on the people around us.

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