I feel into a trap, I was the one that set it

It can be a lonely road this solo artist thing, particularly when it's all up to me, but hey, I signed up for it right?  Yes I did and after an afternoon of self pity it was reaffirmed. 

I was feeling a little down about it all, who will hear the new songs, how many people will spread the word about it, will this ever be anything.  I would say, and you would say, you're playing the victim.  I was playing the victim. 

I fell prey to the most obvious trap and that is believing that everything your brain tells you is the truth.  Turns out it's not, most of the time it's trying to talk us out of doing what we should be doing, the work.  Showing up.  If I want more people to hear these songs then I have to write the songs that people want to share.  I got over myself and my bad attitude today and I'm writing, writing the songs that hopefully you will want to share. 

Thanks for being here.  Have a great night.


A.J. Steel

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