Just put something down

Staring at a blank sheet of paper can be daunting.  It’s actually paralysing sometimes.  You can look and look and not write anything because you keep blocking your thoughts.  It’s probably the fear that maybe the what you’re about to write is not what the world wants to hear, or may they’ll flame you for speaking up, maybe you’ll look like a fool and feel embarrassed. 

Something happens when you just begin to write, or draw, or type.  The layers of protection you’ve wrapped around yourself begin to crumble and peel away like paint of a wall, falling at your feet as revealing your true colour, the real you begins to emerge.  

You can take your time, but sometimes it’s better to just rip off the band aid and get right to it.  If you wait for the right moment you’ll probably never start.  How many songs could’ve been written but never were? How many paintings could’ve been painted , but never were?  

Maybe the best way to avoid that paralysing feeling is to just make a start.  Steve Prescott describes this feeling of inertia in his book The War of Art.  

As important as it to start, it’s probably also equally as important to finish.  I don’t know if there’s much to be gained by starting something and then not finishing it.  How can we claim progress if we don’t finish what we started.  

Just start whatever it is you’ve been putting off, but make sure you finish it too.  I’ve got a few songs that need to be completed.  Shall we make a deal? 

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