When space is all you really need

Sometimes you’re just busy.  Maybe you want to be busy because then you don’t need to think about the thing you really want that you haven’t done. That thing you keep saying you’ll do but never do.   

Do you feel some kind of invisible block between you and you dream?  It’s like every time you try and think of the next move you mind goes blank.  Maybe it’s fear.  Fear of success, fear of failure or fear of what other people may think of you.  Maybe even fear that you’ve been kidding yourself all these years and now it’s time to own up to it and begin to take some serious action.   

It can be hard to see this when you’ve buried yourself under a mountain of tasks which are most likely not aligned with your end goal.  Maybe what you need is to put some space between you and these tasks so you can see the lay of the land and give yourself a chance to make a change.   

It could be a few days in a different part of the country or even the world.  It could just be disconnecting from technology to listen to your heart and then muster the courage to follow it.  There’s a million distractions, from aimlessly surfing social media to trying out new online business or continually reading self help books.   

It’s only when the rubber meets the road that we’re ever going to feel like we are making progress.  Space can be the thing we need to realign ourselves with what we really want, if we can muster the courage to fully commit. 

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