Why am I so nervous?

I’ve got a new song coming out this Friday called Can’t Stay.  I’m pretty excited, nervous, anxious and ready to throw a party all at the same time.  Crazy, huh! Surely, just pick one emotion man and run with that. 

Well, this is how it rolls with me and the creative process, but that’s for a different time. 

This song is about change.  It’s happening all the time and I’d say most of the time we probably don’t see it happening.  It’s like drops of water falling onto a stone and gradually wearing it away.  But, sometimes, we seek it out and focus on it and it’s probably this concentration of effort that really drives us to find what we’re looking for.  Usually it has to sting a bit first before we get going. 

The song looks at change through the eyes of a relationship, but it could be the relationship you have with yourself, a situation you’re in and of course,  the relationship you have with someone else. 

Have you experienced something similar?

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